+ Double Orchid Planters start by selecting 2 of our healthy long-lasting orchids and design with utmost attention to color, line and texture

+ Each design represents the Planter/ Container and complete staging with your choice of Orchid Color


 About our color options 

White- Large White Blooms with a tall Cascade flower spike

Lipstick- Large White Blooms with a red-fuchsia lip or large White Blooms with a soft blush and red-fuchsia lip. Can be Cascade or Upright flower spikes

Harlequin/ Wine Spots- Large White Blooms with irregular wine-colored blotches. Can be Cascade or Upright flower spikes

Shades of Purple- Varying shades of deep purples and Fuchsia. Can be Cascade or Upright flower spikes

Novelty/Art Shades- Varying shades of Yellow, Orange, Marsala, spots stripes. Mostly Upright but occasionally Cascade flower spikes

(Colors and availability of our Premium Phalaenopsis change weekly. We are not in control of the availability of multi-spike plants but will always select the seasons best!)


Understanding how to water STAGED ORCHIDS please click here