Orchid Species and Select Hybrids


Understanding Orchid Sizes

   Orchid plant size can vary greatly from grower to grower and unless you are versed in buying orchids it can seem a bit confusing. We want a very transparent experience for our customers so we list by 3 variables-

+ Plant Size 

  • Small
  • Large
  • XL
  • We may include relevant information about growth size, etc (i.e. 6+ growths, 12" tall, etc)

+ Maturity

  • Seedling (established and growing well but 2+ years from typical flowering size)
  • Near Blooming Size (very close to blooming size and could bloom at the very next season)
  • Blooming Size (large enough to bloom/ some from the group may have bloomed already)
  • Mature (has bloomed before)

+ Pot Size

  • This is the actual pot size and type of pot it is growing in (4" Plastic, 3" Clay, 6" Basket, Cork Mount, Etc)

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